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Creativity, intuition, valorisation, exchange of ideas: Berto's collaborations at Host Milan 2017

Host 2017, the biennial reference Trade Fair for the hospitality industry, has now closed its doors in Milan, with a new visitors’ record (up 23.4% from the last edition with 187,602 visitors from 177 countries). In anticipation of the 2019 edition, we would like to make a few comments about this year’s event, where once again we were protagonists with our stand, technique sponsorships, show cooking displays and collaborations.
Berto's figures are also impressive and even higher than the Trade Fair’s average, with 50% more visitors at our stand: Marco Lebiu, Commercial Director for Italy, put attendance from abroad at around 60%, and Simona Saputo, our Dubai-based Regional Manager, reported contacts and visitors from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and those are just the eastern markets. In fact, while wandering around the Berto's stand it was possible to hear snippets of conversation in every language in the world.
An attractive and vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere, where, in addition to presenting our industrial philosophy, displaying our innovative top of the range products and the flagships of the "La Cucina" line, we implemented certain important organisational choices: for example, our partnership with APCI, the Associazione Professionale Cuochi Italiani (Association of Professional Italian Chefs), boasting over 6000 members, with whom we have worked for over two years on projects throughout Italy and in leading vocational training institutions. Chefs are always at the centre of our interest and interconnecting with them is important to us, as it offers a fundamental opportunity for exchanging ideas. This is why during Host, thanks to our collaboration with APCI, we chose some of the most well-known chefs in the industry, a different one every day, for the daily show cooking displays at our stand: Max Mascia, histrionic and communicative, the ingenious Antonella Ricci, Giancarlo Perbellini, with his innate elegance, Claudio Sadler, the doyen of haute cuisine and today one of Italy’s undisputed reference points for every food artist. All Michelin starred award-winning chefs, who brought the Berto's stand at Host 2017 to life so as to help us achieve our goal: to offer only the best to food artists by creating, thanks also to their contribution, professional avant-garde solutions that are made-to-measure to cater for their needs and brilliance, designed to inspire intuitive cooking and make their dreams come true. Professional kitchens that are therefore tools; if it’s true that cooking and presenting dishes is just like painting a picture, as the famous chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo (proud new owner of a Berto's La Cucina) likes to say, then our kitchens are the painter’s palette.


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