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Alchimie Culturali: young artists meet business

In the previous article of our newsletter we wondered what was the boundary between freedom and creativity. But there is also another fascinating boundary that is worth exploring: the one between art and business.
For a long time, in recent times, and during a large portion of the 1900s, it was thought that the world of artistic creation and entrepreneurial and industrial production were separated and almost hostile, fighting a cold war that was more prejudice that conscious choice.
This way we have become forgetful of the great lessons of history, the characters – we mention a stellar calibre above all, Leonardo da Vinci – who could unite in their person and by their example the rational and engineering world with that of pure art, art for art’s sake. For these reasons, the Cultural Alchemy project of Confindustria Veneto (association that brings together the entrepreneurs of the Italian north-east) and the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation (Venetian institution with gallery in Piazza San Marco that promotes living artists’ exhibitions together with research and modern art studies) comes to reactivate, like fresh flowing water, the mill on a river of opportunity that has long since been inexplicably drained.
Presented a few weeks ago in Venice, a floating museum and home to the most important exhibition of contemporary art in the world, the Biennale, the Cultural Alchemy concept is very simple, like all ingenious things: to introduce young artists to the productive reality of the area in order to generate from their meeting a reflection, a work, an intuition that can serve to enhance both the artist and the company. Imagine for a moment the scene, incomprehensible and strange only for those in business and industry working at optimum levels but neglecting innovation and lateral thinking: an artist enters the technical office of a company and begins to communicate with designers, engineers, technicians. What will happen?
Something very beautiful, challenging and important, judging by artistic projects born from this exchange: just consult to realize how innovation, technology and beauty are the fields for fertile discussion. Even Berto's has joined with enthusiasm and great willingness in the Cultural Alchemy project, visit the site to see the fruits of the collaboration between the Milanese artist Martino Genchi – prodigal infant of the Bevilacqua La masa stable - and our Company. In this sense, the connections established by Genchi are very interesting and stimulating, with atavistic and primal concepts related to the kitchen as the hearth as well as an ideal breeding ground for evolution and development of the species. Its installation, based on iron and symbolism, confirms this intuition that combines manufacture and artistic inspiration.
Reflecting on the excellent initiative of Cultural Alchemy, we recall an anecdote concerning the 1850 reconstruction of the Notre Dame in Paris by the great architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc: two workers were busy at the same job in the same yard, and when they were asked what they were doing, the first replied, "I am carving this marble," the second however "I am working to build a magnificent Cathedral”. So, we believe that the border between art and business is broken right here, in the land of all that unites construction technology, manual dexterity, vision and beauty.


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