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Berto’s among the Italian Ambassadors of Taste

The Italian Association of Ambassadors of Taste has reached its second birthday, a convivial group of good food diplomats who aim to enhance the excellence of Italian catering and its agrofood and wine and gourmet heritage.
Conceived at the time of Milan Expo 2015 and unearthed on June 20, 2016, it brings together great chefs, pizza chefs, ice cream makers, confectioners, sommeliers, maîtres, restaurant managers and journalists under the banner of an action plan that wants to set up a system of institutions and professions in the sector.
In these two years, the ambassadors of the Association have been unleashed in almost every corner of the planet to promote quality Italian cuisine outside the national borders. The forerunner was the President Cristina Bowerman, who flew to Canada and Israel. Then we must mention the members Franco Pepe and Norbert Niederkofler in Canada, Corrado Assenza in Chile, Moreno Cedroni in Australia and the Czech Republic, Caterina Ceraudo in Macedonia, Marco Sacco in Hong Kong, Oliver Glowig in Egypt, Paolo Marchi in France, Enrico Cerea in Tokyo, Carlo Cracco, Francesco Arena, Alfonso and Mariella Caputo in Spain, Eugenio Boer in Russia and Turkey, Luigi Nastri, Andrea Ribaldone, Carlo Sichel and Antonio Tubelli in Russia and Enzo Coccia in Los Angeles.
The Association is characterized as a promoter of cultural, institutional, educational and social issues (and in this sense it collaborates with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and with the Ministry for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies Agriculture) and carefully selects its partners subjecting them to the scrutiny of a specifically formed commission of 5 members. Berto's was chosen by the Ambassadors (with the Commercial Manager Berto's Marco Lebiu in charge of the membership) and now works with them, and the CEO of the Company, Enrico Berto, explains the reasons for this new collaboration: "Our mission is to provide all chefs with the best tools to make their creations in total freedom of expression and in compliance with the nutritional principles of the ingredients chosen. Our solutions help chefs to enhance the flavours and preserve the precious balance of their recipes, for this we provide them with professional tools able to combine technology, traditional cuisine and ethnic variations of preparation and cooking from every part of the world. With these premises it was inevitable that an important partnership was started with an International Association as Ambassadors of Taste: I believe that the vital nucleus of this collaboration lies precisely in the word "taste", since the Deed of Constitution of the Association already envisages the values of great gastronomic traditions and of dining culture, but also fundamental concepts such as care for each step of the supply chain that leads to the table, the search for genuineness, the principle of respect for food, environmental sustainability. Sharing this approach with the Association chaired by Cristina Bowerman, attentive to the values of nutrition, our company continues its search for partners able to raise even higher the bar of taste, good taste, love for food, of the emotion you feel when you create, the alliance between tradition and innovative cooking and preparation technologies. Looking to the future and building it drawing on the wealth from the past: this is what it means for us to be together as Italian Ambassadors of Taste in the world ".


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