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Ovens and refrigeration: fantastic new products at the Hospitality Industry’s international showcase.
There are certain extremely prestigious events at which one must present oneself in the best possible way. In the 2021 calendar, Host Milano is one these: the Hospitality Industry’s international showcase is being held from October 22nd-26th, offering over 800 events including techno-cooking shows, show cooking, and highly innovative and artistic competitions. Participants include the world’s greatest chefs, professionals in the world of coffee, pastry chefs, master ice cream makers, and master chocolatiers.
At this event par excellence, we are proud to be presenting some of Berto’s fantastic new products. Over the past few months, our Research & Development department has been working on two strategic assets to help our customers get even more out of our range: ovens and refrigeration. This is a continuation of our multi-decade commitment to creating advanced commercial kitchen equipment for the restaurant industry: from designing large kitchens – creating a perfect blend of design, functionality and technology - to defining new standards for other indispensable cooking equipment, such as fryers and salamanders.
At Host 2021, it will be a pleasure for us to introduce you to all the features of our new refrigeration products (cabinets, prep tables and bases), and to demonstrate the exceptional performance of our ovens, which chef Paolo Cappuccio will be using – for the very first time - during the Cooking Shows. We are in fact convinced that a piece of kitchen equipment can only be fully evaluated when it is put to the test, demonstrating its reliability, efficiency and flexibility through the art and techniques of a great professional chef.
Obviously, there will also be the various customizable elements that distinguish our LaCucina® made-to-measure monoblocks. Those visiting our 250 m² stand (G33- H34 - Hall 3) will therefore have the opportunity to compare materials, colors, finishes and equipment, and to understand why so many Chefs around the world have already chosen a Berto’s kitchen, relying on our constantly evolving Chef Solutions with the utmost confidence and remaining fully satisfied with the results.


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