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Berto's becomes the main sponsor of Identità Golose 2018

and strengthens its collaboration with the International Congress of Haute Cuisine.
The fourteenth edition of Identità Golose, the international congress conceived and organised by Paolo Marchi and Claudio Ceroni in Milan, is almost upon us: from March 3rd to 5th, the event will be presenting state-of-the-art technologies and future paths for haute cuisine throughout the world. The theme of the 2018 edition is "The Human Factor"; a challenging choice that, as Identità Golose often likes to do, goes against the grain, and which will involve an impressive line-up of star chefs who have become celebrities thanks to the media and internet. This year, Paolo Marchi wants to focus on the "human factor"; the driving force behind the direct relationship between the people who bring the world of professional cooking to life: exchange of ideas, dialogue and constructive discussions which often generate the spark of innovation. "From the chef who is seen as living in an ivory tower of superstars, to the man-chef whose daily job involves weaving relationships with everyone around him, or her: with the kitchen staff, waiters and waitresses, customers, colleagues and suppliers, sharing in person the pleasure of living and working side by side and of relationships which help us grow,” explains Paolo Marchi. “If there’s one thing we can be certain of,” he continues, “it’s that not even in ten years’ time will it be possible to buy conviviality online, because the restaurant industry will always be one of the best environments for the development of human relationships". This fascinating approach also regards the collaborations and partnerships that Identità Golose has developed over the years, and this is one of the reasons why Berto's was chosen as the main sponsor for this year’s event; it is in fact the very first technical company to be given a role that in the past was reserved exclusively for businesses in the food industry. During the event, each main sponsor will have a dedicated area, and in ours we have chosen to host three famous chefs who, in our opinion, best interpret the spirit of the theme of Identità Golose 2018. On Saturday March 3rd, we will be joined by Michelin-star chef Isa Mazzocchi, who has turned the ancient knowledge of authentic northern Italian cuisine into her belief system. She loves to infuse her dishes with creativity and different combinations of flavours, focusing not only on the palate, but also on them being pleasing to the eye, creating choreographies of geometries and stylization. Two-star Michelin chef Moreno Cedroni will be at our stand on Sunday March 4th. Cedroni cultivates relationships between food and contexts, so much so, that a few years ago his restaurant in Senigallia, "La Madonnina del Pescatore" (alongside Miguel Sanchez’s Esguard and Ferran Adrià’s El Bulli), was the subject of an excellent dissertation written by a student doing the Communication Sciences course at the University of Bologna. Completing this rich tris of chefs, on Monday March 5th we have the pleasure of welcoming Andrea Valentinetti, connoisseur of the fascinating world of Italian pâtisserie and chef promoter of a cuisine that involves research, balance and attention to contemporary taste and Italian ingredients; both in the preparation of his dishes and in the innovative gourmet brunches with which he loves to surprise his guests.


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