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Follow Artù and the challenge of reasonable foodservice

“There is a great need for reasonableness in foodservice today: that is, coherence, seriousness, respect, attention and sobriety. Reasonableness is the ability to transmit the value, including the economic value, of quality. It is the set of characteristics that define the professionalism of those who work in the kitchen and front of house, allowing for the “reasonable” and therefore successful development of a business. The restaurateur, who has to face to the tangible needs of modern foodservice every day, is the central figure of this modernisation. Not to survive the challenges of today and tomorrow, but to overcome them with intelligence and culture." It was with these words that Edifis, the Milanese publishing house responsible for the publication of some of the most important magazines in the foodservice industry (for example, Artù Magazine, Ristorando and Retail&Food) presented the conference Follow Artù, which on October 3rd and 4th 2017, in the Sala Leonardo at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, took stock not only of foodservice today, but, above all, of that of the future. Our company was the gold sponsor of Follow Artù, namely the main supporter with exhibition space at the conference, demonstrating our interest and commitment to the event’s themes; because wherever there are great chefs and leaders in research, Berto's is always present.
Therefore, the huge success of the two-day event in Milan, the considerable number of visitors and the many contacts made, as well as the high level of interest shown, must be looked at in relation to the unusual slant of Follow Artù, which, with scientific rigor, promoted the study and understanding of the many new variables that make some aspects of today’s world of professional foodservice very different from the past. In the past, it wasn’t necessary to take these aspects into consideration, but today they are fundamental: for example, new cooking techniques and technologies (it’s enough to think of induction cooking), awareness and knowledge of nutrition, dietetics, the vast field of food philosophies, sustainability in the supply chain, from production right through to distribution and consumption. All of these themes were discussed by top national and international chefs, maître d’s, sommeliers, restaurant managers, sectorial experts, university professors, journalists and qualified operators, in a kind of convocation of the "General States of Reasonable Foodservice", as defined by the organisers, which from the moment the conference started (it is no coincidence that the most famous Italian chef in the world, Gualtiero Marchesi, was entrusted to opening the event) mapped out the best possible future paths for professional foodservice. 


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