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HOST MILAN 2015, chronicles of a success foretold

In previous issues of this newsletter, we have already extensively highlighted that HOST is the primary exposition in the world for the professional hospitality industry, when we announced the many innovations that Berto's had in store for you at the Milan event.
Over 150,000 visitors were registered, 40% of which came from 172 countries around the world: these are significant explicit indicators.  Italian visitors increased by 13.5%, and foreigners by 17%. The close collaboration with EXPO Milan 2015, also in terms of the theme, led to certification of this peremptory affirmation, created throughout a journey which involved 400 events and nearly 2,000 exhibitors.
Now, as we approach the end of 2015, an extremely rewarding year for our Company, we would like to draw some conclusions that will act as a launching pad for our activities in 2016, and at the same time thank those who collaborated with us in Milan in order to achieve our set goals.
HOST represented the image of a world that for a few days became a community,  meeting people, getting to know each other, understanding and appreciating each other.  Immersed in this atmosphere and with this positive attitude, we received over 500 international visitors at our stand over six days,  where we gave them a preview our new project La Cucina, our new concept of doors and the handles, our brand new burners for the S900 and S700 Series, and the new Bflex electronic controls, for which we are awaiting the patent. We are proud and satisfied to have contributed innovation, ease of use and safety to the industry, confirming our mission, and if we could, we would personally thank each and every person: from those who visited us to those who worked hard every  day to make all this this happen; the chefs who contributed to the success of the event with their entertaining and tasty cooking shows, which aside from being fascinating to watch, are what Berto’s industrial kitchens are all about. Therefore, a warm thanks to the star chef of our stand, Nicola Dinato,  to Gianluca Tomasi of the Ateneo Cucina Italiana - Italian Federation of Chefs, and to Claudio Crivellaro, president of the Union of Venetian Chefs.


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