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Identità Golose 2017: cooking shows and the baptism of "La Cucina"

The doors of the MiCo congress centre in Milan have closed once again, marking the end of Identità Golose (the Congress of International Haute Cuisine conceived by Paolo Marchi in 2005), which from March 4th to 6th was an unquestionable success. Its formula continues to work and each year seems to add another piece to complete the event, bumper-packed with over 90 engagements, prestigious guests, numerous attentive visitors and impeccable organisation.
As you are aware, Berto's was chosen to provide all the cooking facilities used by the chefs, who were able to present their creations using our LX900 Top, S900 and S700 professional kitchens. Berto's also equipped the Lounge Ruinart, the exclusive space dedicated to the oldest Champagne House in the world (it has been producing bubbly in Reims since 1729), which presented its Ruinart Rosé during Chef de Cave Frédéric Panaïotis’s presentation Identity of Champagne. The rosé is an elegant transalpine blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, designed to be paired with the signature cuisine proposed at the Congress.
The Berto's stand in Milan also deserves a mention for the use of the exhibition space and the setup, as always perfectly executed by the People Agency in Luciano Sasso. The Berto’s stand was visited by many of the visitors at Identità Golose 2017, and was animated, with great success, by cooking shows entrusted to the expert hands of talented chefs with fantastic communication skills: on Saturday 4th March, starred chef Paolo Cappuccio took the stage and, with the art of a magician, produced duck foie gras with red shrimp and pecan nuts; on Sunday, Corporate Chef Nicola Dinato made his incredible steamed dish Nikuman alla Bolognese, in which Emilia meets the Land of the Rising Sun; and finally, on Monday 6th March, Alessandro Borghese went live on Facebook (more than 36,000 views in just a few minutes), preparing red mullet with pan-fried vegetables and black garlic sauce, creating an inevitable success of colours and flavours.
Our chefs created their dishes live using "La Cucina", the much awaited tailor-made monoblock, with its new design, which was presented in Milan. We have to admit that La Cucina, shiny and pulsating like a Formula 1 race car on the starting blocks, really impressed us with its aesthetic impact, strong proportions, innovative lines and the beauty of the induction hobs on the large work surface. The shapes become flared geometry with new angles, thanks to which La Cucina takes on an exciting perspective, while the tilted cut of the steel sides takes possession of the space. While admiring it, we were reminded of a few illuminating insights described by the famous semiotician and historian Renato de Fusco, in his book A History of Italian design. The new monoblock captures the space with lightness and elegance, yet underneath it hides state-of-the-art technology and complete functionality, merged in the typical canons of made in Italy, in the words of the chefs who have tried it. But, to be honest, the effortless way they used it to prepare their recipes, and the pleasure they found in it, already fully answered our questions about Berto's latest creation.


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