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La Cucina: the identity of a new brand, a strong message, a clear idea

Berto's recently launched a new division flanked to a new brand, The Kitchen.
As already mentioned in this newsletter in the past, Berto's recently launched a new Division for its new brand, La Cucina. Designed to be an industrial designer, this section offers, in the words of Chairman Enrico Berto, "a unique instrument, designed and created exclusively for the needs of our customers; for their requests, their tastes and their dreams."
A challenge that is therefore based on extremely high quality, state-of-the-art technology, complete customization and complete customer satisfaction. In order to give this project its own identity from the start, Berto's created the website The selected images, strong, with bold colours and full of personality, are based on the terms "rare" and "unique", and its exact mission is to dedicate La Cucina to professionals who consider uniqueness something that should be part of each single detail. We had the opportunity to meet Luciano Sasso, founder and CEO of People, the Creative Agency that was responsible for the image of the new brand, and we asked him to explain the philosophy behind this project: “With Berto's we chose to put ourselves in the shoes of a great chef, and we tried to imagine what he or she wants from an industrial kitchen -  he tells us -  we decided that his or her quest for uniqueness, for perfection in the culinary art, arises not from the need to satisfy in terms of food,  but from singularity. All high end artisan processes are sparked by intuition and experimentation, as are creative developments that fulfil the search for something that didn't exist before; and when it does exist, there will only be a few selected examples that will stand out from everything else. These are the same processes that lead to the production of a Ferrari or a Grand Touring Aston Martin, to cite just two examples: their owners do not own a car, but the quintessence of style, genius and creativity. On higher levels, in the collective unconscious artisanality becomes the single painting of an artist".  We then ask why there isn’t a single picture of a kitchen on the website: "It was a choice, one that represents the essence of an artisan product: La Cucina, yours, does not exist until it is built at the Berto's factories, according to your needs, your tastes and your choices. It's like a haute couture product, a dress that you will not be able to wear until the tailor has sewed you into it. And then only you will wear it, but it was created together with you. In the global world, as we love to call it today, excellence is the quality of customisation." And the fingerprint that accompanies the words “rare” and “unique”? "That fingerprint is the crux of it all – answers Luciano Sasso – everything in La Cucina revolves around the customer. The fingerprints throughout the advertising are the same prints that our customer will leave on his or her kitchen after using it every day; as unique as the model of Berto's kitchen that he or she chose to be assembled by us, together with us."


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