Ciasteczka stosowane są po to, aby przygotować dla użytkownika sieci najlepsze ustawienia naszej strony. Oprócz tego ciasteczka są wykorzystywane przez osoby trzecie, aby użytkownikowi strony przygotować spersonalizowane informacje reklamowe. Przez wejście na naszą stronę, użytkownik zgadza się na zainstalowanie ciasteczek na swoim komputerze. Dalsze informacje o ciasteczkach i ich deaktywacji znajdziecie Państwo poniżej.

Marco Lebiu – Sales Manager Italy – tells us about SIGEP, the Trade Fair of the future

It is early in the morning and the area around the Trade Fair in Rimini is already chock-a-block with long queues of cars, buses and taxis waiting to pass through the gates into the visitor car parks.
This much traffic for SIGEP is to be expected: on average the event draws 200,000 visitors from all over the world in just 4 days. We find a parking space and go inside; we are immediately hit by the size of the exhibition areas, the beauty of the stands, the flawless logistics. Arriving in sector 191 of Hall B1, where the Berto's stand is, we are greeted by a smiling Marco Lebiu, the Sales Manager for Italy who oversaw the company's participation at the event, together with the company’s Chairman Enrico Berto and the head of the Marketing Department, Giacomo Bettella.
We use the opportunity to ask Marco a few questions, the first being what are the first words that come into his mind when we say SIGEP: "Vitality, interests, business, future – he answers – this is the second time that Berto's has participated and we have had some very good feedback in terms of visits, contracts with new customers and purchases. SIGEP is less formal than HOST (the other major industry event held in Italy, in Milan), as well as more participatory, and this makes the two Trade Fairs complementary: HOST provides basic information on the target market in terms of budget and performance, representing a completely reliable final balance, whereas SIGEP seeks to interpret the future and reveal trends: it puts out feelers, and hits the mark ".
We then ask him how visitors approach them and what they are looking for: "Customers aren’t interested in market trends but in putting things in perspective. They are looking for quality, but it is always in relation to the extent of customisation: they want to trust us. Sometimes we even surprise people by telling them that we won't sell them the product that they want so much because it’s not suited to the needs of their business, and we maybe even indicate where they can find more suitable solutions. Other times we surprise them by explaining that we don’t build professional kitchens for those who buy them, but for those who use them: Are they safe? Are they easy-to-use? Are they efficient? Are they comfortable and easy to clean? We put the chef first because it is the chef that has to spend time working in the kitchen. Moreover, chefs are not even cooking for themselves, and their personal satisfaction lays not so much in professional gratification as in customer satisfaction. This type of approach allows us to maintain customer loyalty and to establish a relationship based on trust and reliability, concepts that we are also trying to convey with the layout of our stand here today: the tables have been arranged in a way that I would describe as being 'social'. We sit next to visitors or our customers as if we really were in the kitchen; modern tables at which there is room for everyone, where we can all hear each other and socialise without ever isolating ourselves from the context of the Fair, surrounded by thousands of people without hiding behind a curtain. This is why a Trade Fair is always a magical moment for me: the customer sees us working, we get to know each other and live real-life moments together".


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