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Markets, development and growth: Berto's and the Ethiopia challenge

The world is changing and the challenge for analysts and investors is to pinpoint trends that at times manifest slowly and almost imperceptibly, while others evolve much faster.
This is the case in Africa, which notwithstanding composite realities is preparing for the challenges of the third millennium, with the impact of demographic strength, its wealth of raw materials and the desire to shed the label of underdeveloped and backwardness that still at times superficially identifies the country.
From this point of view, Ethiopia (attracting foreign capital and investors with the prospect of accelerated growth and development) is a perfect example, with its nearly 100 million inhabitants, its tradition of history and culture acting as a base and kindling the desire to dive into the future. Drawing on his direct experience, Alessandro Orfali, Berto's Area Manager for the African market, tells us about a country that is opening its doors to the world and which has been extremely active in commercial cooperation with Europe for over five years; a country that doesn’t have oil fields and therefore relies on import-export, investment in public works, the promotion of private enterprise, the political-administrative centrality of the continent (the UN headquarters of African non-governmental agencies is in Addis Ababa); a country that attracts investments by the most prestigious international hotel chains.
The Hotel Show Africa Hospitality and Tourism Tradeshow can be seen in this light. Since 2013, the Addis Ababa Tradeshow has been presenting the African hospitality and tourism market to the world, also in association with other situations on the continent. From June 8th - 11th 2017, the Tradeshow (in which our Company will also be participating) will host conferences, studies, round tables, events and workshops, framed by a city, Addis Ababa, which is one of the most interesting models of a cosmopolitan capital in Africa today, offering operators the possibility to showcase in a young country that is eager to emerge. The tradeshow represents an important opportunity for Berto's to further its knowledge on African scenarios and in particular on Ethiopia, a market that our Company has been looking at confidently for years and in which it already operates effectively, having set up a network - under continuous development and with excellent prospects - oriented towards customers and distribution in both the retail and community sectors.


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