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Moreno Cedroni and Berto’s

Story of a meeting by the sea
Moreno Cedroni, chef with two Michelin stars, is today one of the best interpreters of the new trends in haute cuisine: his research is based on passion for the ingredients and direct relationships with producers, a cuisine always poised between innovation and experimentation, tradition and contamination, with an eye to the languages of food and to the relationships between dishes, names and contexts. It is no coincidence that a few years ago his restaurant by the sea in Senigallia "La Madonnina del Pescatore", together with the L’Esguard of Miguel Sànchez and El Bulli of Ferran Adrià, became the subject of a thesis in semiotics in a Communication Sciences course at the University of Bologna.
We can lighten this intellectual anecdote with a few smiles, like when we learn that a few years ago Cedroni published a book of fiction “Maionese” for Mondadori, whose goal, besides the literary intent, was to teach children how to eat even vegetables (talking about publishing, note that in November his latest book “Il gusto di stare bene” comes out, whose topics are cooking and health). As Ferran Adrià says about Moreno Cedroni "At his restaurant by tasting and appreciating his dishes, I learned that he is a chef with a soul, which distinguishes a simple good cook from a magical chef".
Brilliant, creative and all-round entrepreneur, Cedroni draws his inspiration from the sea and the refined culinary art where he fishes for his ingredients. Not by chance a few years ago the prestigious The Wall Street Journal included the Madonnina del Pescatore among the best 10 fish restaurants of Europe, certifying the excellence not only of flavours and combinations but also nomenclature (his "turbot rib" has become a nickname famous even among non-professionals, and we believe also for the originality of the name).
In Senigallia you can find lasagnette with white seafood with lime and parsley sauce, oysters and seaweed in sour cream, eel with turnip, bay and cabbage, fruity prawns in yuzu, tarte tatin in earl grey sauce, cod in vinaigrette, Susci declined in variants (Cedroni has written two books about the philosophy and recipes of his registered trademark "Susci") and many other devilries of the palate. All exclusive courses prepared in the kitchen of Madonnina del Pescatore which houses a flaming S900 Berto's that, together with our commercial director for Italy Marco Lebiu, Cedroni configured to equip his premises with a versatile and cutting- edge professional tool.
Cedroni's S900 combines traditional cooking technologies with gas burners and an induction hob whose surface is totally usable with any pot size and whose functions are electronically controlled, over the entire surface, by the innovative Bflex multi-control electronic system, a Berto's patent. As we said at the beginning, mixing tradition and innovation, technology and craftsmanship, certainties and imagination to create something new in the kitchen is the mission of Moreno Cedroni, and since his mission coincides with ours, La Madonnina del Pescatore and Berto's were bound to meet one day by the Adriatic Sea and to work together.


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