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The new position of the kitchen and culture of hospitality

“Cookers live through events”.
In the 1st century b.C., one of the most popular characters was certainly Chef Marco Gavio Apicio. Rich, genial, refined, educated, he left an endless recipe book (i.e. De Re Coquinaria) and memories about his passion for good food and the pleasures of convivium. At that time, many things were decided and made during banquets: wars, political alliances, but also music, literature, art and poetry, the pleasures of conversation and the games of seduction. It was a way of understanding life that was almost lost in the following centuries. Nowadays, that lifestyle – that is also a way of being – is trendy again and we define it in different ways such as slow culture or slow society: conversation, discussion, knowledge and culture before a good dish or a precious wine.
This explains the great success of chefs in media and TV programs all over the world, the sales of cook books, the interest in healthy and proper diets, the new diets based on the respect of the palate and care for health and fitness. This explains why a larger and larger number of star chefs love cooking in their restaurants among their guests’ tables and have conversations with them while they are cooking.
After these considerations, we can understand that it is not a coincidence that xactly Rome, Apicio’s city, has been the stage of events for several weeks to celebrate successfully, with a large presence of people and visitors, the link between the connections and synergies we have been speaking of. First of all, there was Vinòforum, the Wine & Food festival at its 13th edition held in the heart of the city from 10th to 19th June, with a number of food and wine tastings, dinners with important chefs and entertainment. Then, from 24th to 29th June, there was Birroforum, which took place along the Tiber River, with beer makers and the best regional specialties of street food and music. From 25th to 27th, there was also Cooking for Art, supported by the Italian Touring Club to celebrate the concept of healthy food and eating properly as a lifestyle and a cultural model. Finally, on 1st July, the 3rd edition of Con il cuore nel piatto took place. The event aimed at collecting the funds devoted to the creation of a house to host teenagers in difficulties who could also attend high level professional courses to learn about cooking, making pizzas, confectionary, ice-cream as well as learning how to become a maître or a sommelier).
“Cookers live through events” says Marco Lebiu, the Commercial Director for Italy, who, together with the De Santis Forni distributor took care of the participation of Berto’s in all these important events. Marco anticipated us that the winning pair (as well as a historical one, we want to add) between cuisine, food and culture will live important moments in the following months and Berto’s will take part in events in other art cities, such as Florence, that doesn’t need any introduction.


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