Ciasteczka stosowane są po to, aby przygotować dla użytkownika sieci najlepsze ustawienia naszej strony. Oprócz tego ciasteczka są wykorzystywane przez osoby trzecie, aby użytkownikowi strony przygotować spersonalizowane informacje reklamowe. Przez wejście na naszą stronę, użytkownik zgadza się na zainstalowanie ciasteczek na swoim komputerze. Dalsze informacje o ciasteczkach i ich deaktywacji znajdziecie Państwo poniżej.

WWW.BERTOS.COM: online listening, passion and attention

For over 40 years Berto's has been committed to offering the very best to chefs: 40 years of listening, passion and attention in anticipating and meeting the needs of those who live in high-end kitchens.
This is how visitors are welcomed to our new website; representing a link between the values of the past and the new considerations of the future. To interpret the future it is not enough to intuitively anticipate your moves; you must also know how to start those moves in the present. And the present tells us that internet is the primary means of global communication and it requires fast interaction and language universality. That's why in the past few months we have completely revamped our web portal, and to do that we put ourselves in the shoes of our online visitors: today is even more accessible and faster for those who connect with smartphones or tablets. Visitor experiences are personalised based on geographic areas, being completely localised and offering specific content depending on the visitor’s country of origin, and it is also able to store the location so as to offer a more comfortable navigating experience on subsequent visits. The website will appeal to the broadest public that today relies on the contents of a professional kitchen: not only industrial operators, partners, customers and suppliers, but also chefs, caterers and all the actors in this ambit, who, in various ways and at various levels, require clear, precise and important information. In a word, we have focused on those working in the sector and who need an accurate compass with complete information to navigate in today’s industry. Finally, we paid particular attention to the indexing algorithms, so that they are easily accessible with any search variable being used by those navigating the web to find information. Our new website communicates in real time with the Berto's pages that are active on the major social networks, integrating information and content, and the fast menu navigation permits you to learn about our Company in detail, without ever losing your bearings.
The first navigational data that came into our possession revealed that those arriving at from the web continue browsing the pages of the new website. They look at them carefully, access the content and go on to find out more details: as if they had walked into a cosy, functional and well-equipped kitchen and wanted to sit down with us. So why don’t you visit us too and interact with us through our new website you will find someone to listen to you, a passion for cooking that we share with you, and, with a new look, 40 years of attention to your needs.


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