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The “responsibility” of being Main Sponsor.
It is always exciting to take part in the Identità Golose Congress. The merit goes to Paolo Marchi, the designer and curator for the event, who every year encourages the participants to reflect on a question that unites the entire catering world: this way, the event is much more than just the normal runway of internationally renowned chefs, excellent products, traditions and different culinary techniques, as it manages to attain a much more stimulating and enriching dimension given by an effective exchange of different points of view.
For Identità Golose 2020, the 16th edition that awaits us from 24 to 26 October at Milano Congressi, Paolo Marchi’s new suggestion is to reflect on "The sense of responsibility". It is a topic that, at Berto's, affects us in a very direct and personal way, because it has always been a cornerstone of our operating philosophy: energy and environmental sustainability; strict compliance with the strictest safety regulations; the protection and enhancement of human resources; attention to synergies with other companies and the socio-economic fabric of our territory have been essential values in the development of our company since 1973.
However, in Identità Golose we feel even more "responsible" because for the third consecutive year we will be the Main Sponsor and technical suppliers of the entire event. This means that all the cookers used by the chefs involved in the three intense days of the conference, both on the main stage and in the other rooms equipped for meetings and show-cooking sessions, will be provided by us. On one hand this certainly is a precious opportunity: because through participation in Identità Golose in recent years we have had the opportunity to make the quality of our cookers known and appreciated personally to different established chefs, giving rise to important collaborations. On the other hand, obviously, we feel the obligation not to disappoint the great expectations that are placed on the efficiency, precision and reliability of our products: that's why we constantly develop more advanced, performing and customizable solutions that can respond better to the needs of a highly qualified professional clientele like ours.
Between one session and another of the conference we will be happy to meet the catering operators in our large stand at Identità Golose, who want to see close up and "touch with their hands" what Berto's can do for them. We are not speaking in metaphorically, but in a very concrete sense: rather than relying on the glossy paper of a beautiful catalogue or the virtual dimension of rendering and photographs that can be consulted on a screen, we have decided to rely on the sensory experience of an atelier exhibition, where people can interact with the various customisable elements that make up our LaCucina tailor-made line, comparing materials, colours, finishes and instruments physically placed side by side in the stand.


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