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Identità Golose 2018 and Berto’s: why meeting face to face is important

Slogans can either be just effective phrases or have real effects, declarations of intent: aware that every chef’s mission is to offer their customers the very best, at Berto's we are aware that our mission must be to offer the very best to every chef. To us it is more than just a slogan; it is a daily reminder of the direction we are going in, and to achieve this it is necessary to meet with chefs, talk to them, brainstorm on solutions and ideas, experience the same things that they experience in an animated and busy kitchen. We really love being at Identità Golose because it is a great event of growing importance; because the most important Italian and international chefs attend it; because in Milan the chefs prepare their cooking shows live on our kitchens. For this reason, this year we are the main sponsor of Identità Golose, and the challenge of understanding new trends in haute cuisine, the constant evolution and innovations, as well as food artists’ experimentations, is one that we face with enthusiasm. Being an active part of a living world that is teeming with ideas is a stimulus that motivates us, which is why we have asked extremely talented chefs to join us at our stand and share their techniques and dishes live for our guests. This is why we have asked Marco Colognese (reference journalist for the Italian Restaurant Guide, published by the L'Espresso publishing group, the Venezie Post and the Reporter Gourmet food guide) to conduct live streaming of steaming dishes, vibrant colours and chefs busy on Berto's kitchens on social channels. We like contributing to the progress in the sector that we operate in, ensuring that, as far as we are concerned, kitchens evolve. We work for those who prepare and invent, and in Milan last March 3rd, 4th and 5th there were hundreds of chefs with their staff, stories, ideas, experiences and, above all, their great desire to make a personal contribution to an ancient art that is continuously evolving. Identità Golose is an important occasion where we want to be the protagonist, because at the end of the day, the most exciting moment in everything we do is when we can see and enjoy the fruits of our labour; in our case, this is when we can taste and savour the aromas and colours of a mouth-watering dish prepared right before your eyes.
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