Easy, fast, impacting design

When designing a kitchen installation, you need a realistic vision of what it will look like in order to analyse all the details of the features of the equipment, connections and costs.
BERTO'S uses the SPECIFI Autodesk program as a practical and economic solution to achieve this goal.


Guarantee of success

Our control systems entail controlling all the components, and each product under strict inspection before being sold.


Quality as a mission

Improve quality is a commitment we renew every day. Attention paid to each detail leaves no room for surprises.


Organisation guarantees excellence

Our work system is strictly founded on advanced lean manufacturing methods and lean thinking, i.e. the constant research and elimination of all waste in order to produce greater quality with lower use of resources.



Even the smallest difficulties have to be solved promptly; that is why our technical assistance team is always ready to find the best solution in the shortest amount of time.