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Agrogepaciok 2016: when meeting, promotion and solidarity come together in a single event

AGROGEPACIOK is the national Show for ice cream, pastries, chocolate and artisan agri-food, now in its 11th edition, held in Lecce,
capital of the Salento region. Situated in the heart of Apulia, between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea, in recent years this region has been experiencing an unprecedented and much deserved tourism boom, thanks to shrewd development and promotion policies designed to introduce the world to the cultural, artistic, architectural, scenic and gastronomic value of the area. Salento is not only renowned for relaxation, holidays, breathtaking beauty, sublime traditional cuisine, local products, crystal clear sea and cultural tourism, it is also a meeting point and in this sense Agrogepaciok is a success story thanks to its winning formula: from hosting top chefs and industry professionals (it’s enough to mention Claudio Sadler, prestigious chef who for over thirty years has been offering the world incredible cuisine, opening establishments in Tokyo and Tiananmen Square in Beijing, to name but two), to organising an increasingly developed exhibition park, side events and a prestigious showcase for raw materials and compound ingredients, machinery, systems, equipment, furniture and accessories. But perhaps the event’s most insightful idea is the 4 Forum (dedicated to the Patisserie, Cooking, Bakery and Pizza sectors) for experts, industry organisations, companies and professionals: a breeding ground for comparison, research and development. Berto's was the technical sponsor for the Forum Cucina at the November 2016 edition, and the chefs were able to use one of our S700 for their show cooking.
Among the chefs who participated in Agrogepaciok, we would like to give a special mention to Daniele Bonanni, born in Salento and owner of the restaurant Ma-Tru in Amatrice, which sadly no longer exists after being razed to the ground during the violent earthquake that recently hit Central Italy, destroying, in just a few minutes, hundreds of lives, an economy and artistic and cultural heritage. Tragically, Daniele Bonanni also lost members of his family in the earthquake and Dario Iurlano, Berto’s Area Manager for Southern Central Italy, who oversaw our participation in the Lecce event, told us how deeply moved everybody in the room was as Bonanni recounted what had happened in Amatrice. In addition to the great success of the event, one of the most amazing things about Agrogepaciok 2016 was the immediate rally in solidarity with Daniele Bonanni on the part of everybody present: industry operators, technical sponsors, organisers. True solidarity; generous, spontaneous and discreet, aimed at tangibly helping the chef to re-open his restaurant in Amatrice as soon as possible and to turn a devastating event into a positive beginning.


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