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Digital Meet 2016: when a Company and new technologies become allies

Digital Meet is an Italian project of the Nord-Est Digitale Association, which aims at promoting and diffusing digital culture in all its forms in companies and local businesses, by organising courses, events, conferences, meetings and workshops.
The initiative is now at its IV edition and, to get an idea of its size and importance, in 2015 it organised 80 events, with 240 speakers in 70 different locations, directly involving about 9,000 active participants and approximately 260,000 people involved via internet.
Over the past few days, a Digital Meet 2016 event was held at our Company headquarters, and a large number of participants met here to listen to Chairman Enrico Berto as he explained everything about our company and its organisation. The meeting began with a guided tour of the buildings and what goes on inside of them: from design to production, shipment and laboratories dedicated to testing, prototyping and pre-certification. Enrico Berto explained to the guests how, first, the company followed a lean production system (developed in the mid-1990s by scholars Womack and Jones) and lately has been implementing the Industry 4.0 model, which organises simultaneous production based on automation and interconnection considering the new international context. Beyond the technical issues, these are momentous steps forward in the industrial world: in this regard, for example, Enrico Berto mentioned the almost complete abandonment of paper-based procedures, in favour of digital communications in almost all aspects of the productive processes: from business relationships with customers to internal orders; from communications between the various company departments to administration and management. The Chairman’s report on the organisation of labour in the production chain was also extremely interesting: Berto's operators manage and monitor all of the processing stages in a continuous exchange of data with warehouses, offices and management, and all information is shared online, in real time, by the entire Company. As well as permitting the full implementation of lean organisation, this digital information flow also results in extremely reduced response, forwarding and shipping times for customers, both during and after sales. In addition to these obvious advantages, the Industry 4.0 model also has others that are just as important: perfect control in statistical terms of the Company’s financial trend, as all data is digitalised and therefore instantly searchable and sharable; the accuracy of information flows in all aspects of management and data analysis; respect for the environment (already significant without the use of paper); even higher security parameters due to reduced error margins.


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