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Food Exp: a Live Food Experience In the heart of the Mediterranean

Public, chefs, workshops, tastings, master classes and conferences for the 1st edition of Food Exp, which in the words of the organizers is a "convivial of Apulian excellences and a container dedicated to high education in the hospitality, catering and tourism sectors. Food Exp is born from the experience and teaching of all three fields with the aim of giving restaurant owners, chefs and tour operators an opportunity to meet with the stars of the sector, but at home, here in Salento. An idea born from the passions, from the experiences in the field of high professionalism, from the attention paid to the world of food, catering, dining room service, to details. Through Food Exp, bringing Salento to the levels of the best gourmet destinations in the world is our goal ".
The theme of this first edition is "Origins": starting from the peculiarities of the territory and passing through biodiversity, a way of cooking and cooking culture that identifies and enhances the ancient art of hospitality and the new challenges of Italian dining. The architectural wonders of Torre del Parco, a splendid fortress built in 1419, one step away from the baroque centre of Lecce, are the setting for the event. The link between the conferences and workshops (including the Hospitality Food Design and the Master Class Food Hospitality) are the awards consigned during the three-day event in Lecce: the Emerging Chef Award, the Emerging Pizza Chef Award and the 2019 Emerging Hall Casting Award which are given to the most brilliant under 30s and under 35s.
Conceived by Giovanni Pizzolante, an operative consultant in the hospitality industry with thirty years’ experience, from 18 to 20 June Food Exp had as its host Luigi Cremona, a very fine palate in charge of the "Hotels and Restaurants of Italy" guide, published by the Italian Touring Club, and for several years collaborator with the most important Italian food and wine magazines and critic in the main TV formats dedicated to cooking: he had the task of knotting together the many initiatives of Food Exp, the celebrations of Mediterranean cuisine, the taste of research and peculiarity, the seductive link between the ancient land of Apulia and the experiments of good food. Experiments that the chefs of Food Exp were able to serve directly during the Berto's cooking shows set up in the splendid setting of the Terrace on the Archi del Torre in the Park. The chefs Franco Tornese, Flavio Pedaci and Tiziana Parlangeli then entertained their guests in the Berto's Labs using two of our professional S700 cookers. Always present alongside them was Dario Iurlano, Berto’s Area Manager, who in the three days in Lecce was available to visitors of Food Exp, confirming once again the quality of the bond of our company with Salento and Apulia.


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