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At the Szara Gęś restaurant, the S700 cooker meets the 19th century.
An S700 meets the 19th century. It is not a word game based on numbers, but the splendid combination that has been created inside the Szara Gęś restaurant: a very modern cooker from Berto's S700 Premium line, has in fact harmoniously become part of an elegant restaurant built in a medieval building with 19th century decorations and finishes. We are in the heart of Poland's most noble city, Krakow, whose historic centre has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978.
The oldest and most imposing building on the Market Square is the Kamienica Szara ("Grey House"), dating back to the 14th century and enriched over the centuries with numerous gems of art, including the Gothic decorations of the central hall, with the 19th century frescoes by Józef Mehoffer, the most established Polish painter of the time. In this casket of history, in 2002 the young and talented chef Jakub Kochana and the room managers Kinga Dyląg and Filip Kisiała created the Szara Gęś restaurant: the success was immediate, thanks to the pleasant environment (in addition to the two refined dining rooms with seating for 110, the restaurant also boasts a delightful outdoor terrace overlooking the wonderful sites of Krakow), but also thanks to the cuisine proposed by the chef, genuine and original at the same time, with an interesting combination of traditional Polish and Swedish dishes revisited with gourmet suggestions. A mix appreciated by local customers, but also by the many international tourists who flock to the city all year round because here, in the historic centre, they can relax and savour not only the joys of good food, but also the beauty of the surroundings: delights for the palate and for the eyes to be relished without haste.
The Berto's project, overseen by our Area Manager Luca Bertogno, was developed in collaboration with Tomasz Kokodynski of Inox Graner, the first importer and "ambassador" of Berto's throughout Poland for a decade: a consolidated synergy that over time has conquered and retained several important customers, such as the group owners of this restaurant, who have already chosen our cookers for two other restaurants and immediately decided to focus on the best "Made in Berto's" technologies also for this new prestigious project. In such a chic environment, designs and finishes were important: the choice fell on the Premium S700 line, equipped with a unique and personalised matt black front dashboard, very smart, perfect to be inserted on view through the glass walls inside the restaurant. Functionality is also at the top however: ranging from refrigerated bases, which are one of the peculiarities of Inox Graner installations, to the advanced BFlex controls for maximum cooking and temperature management. The most modern technology housed in one of the oldest buildings in Krakow.


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