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Italy’s second Wagamama opens at Milan’s Malpensa airport with Berto's equipment in the kitchen

Wagamama is a chain of Japanese restaurants established in London in 1992, which thanks to its franchises now offers its food philosophy in almost 200 restaurants in 23 cities throughout Europe, the Middle East and New Zealand. We say philosophy, because Wagamama is a company based on the Kaizen ("continuous improvement" in Japanese) way of thinking; a behavioural model that inspires positive thinking and which in recent decades, applied to the world of entrepreneurship and business, has determined the global success of some of the most well-known Japanese companies; Toyota, to name but one. On December 21st, Wagamama opened the doors of its second restaurant in Italy - the first being the Orio Center restaurant at Bergamo airport – in the Airside Shengen area in Terminal 1 of Milan’s Malpensa airport. The new 600 sq. m restaurant is part of the entrepreneurial project of the company Antonio Percassi Food & Beverage. It offers seating for over 200 people and has the typical ambience of all Wagamama restaurants: freshness and quality in a comfortable environment that is visually inspired by positive living and the energy rituals of harmonious coexistence (the Company’s motto is “spreading positivity from bowl to soul).You can relax and enjoy all types of Japanese specialities, thanks to the wide range of dishes that cater to everyone’s needs, including vegetarians and vegans: edamame and kushiyaki, deep fried spicy shichimi and panko squid, stir-fries and gyoza dumplings, katsu curry, yasai, sprouts and noodles, teriyachi lamb and kimchi vegetables; all of which can be enjoyed with a glass of white, rosé or red wine, Japanese, Italian or Thai beer, Prosecco, or a cup of green tea or sake. After carrying out extensive tests and studies, Wagamama chose Berto's deep fryers for the new Malpensa restaurant (and also for another of its restaurants in Paris). This choice was based on the quality/performance ratio that our appliances guarantee chefs when preparing Asian dishes and international cuisine.


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