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“La Cucina” flying in the skies of the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel in Dubai

a glittering "The Kitchen" Berto's stands at the restaurant Weslodge Saloon at 68 th floor of the Hotel Marquis, ultra-luxury hotel that the great J.W.Marriott American chain has very recently opened at the Business Bay Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.
A few months ago in a newsletter of ours, we informed you that we opened a new Berto’s office in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Now, it seems that this office is working hard and very well and that our agents sent over there had some fun while carrying out a rather interesting challenge. It happened when an apparently impossible mission had to be organized: it is in these cases that Stefano Casanova, the Area Manager, and Yves Skaf, the Middle East Regional Manager, give their best and find solutions that deserve to be told. You have to know that a very new “La Cucina” by Berto’s is now installed in the Weslodge Saloon Restaurant on the 68th floor of the Marquis Hotel, an extra-luxury hotel which the large American Marriott chain has just opened in the Business Bay on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.  Usually, our kitchens, before serving chefs from all over the world, are completely assembled at our company and then shipped in containers all over the world, but the supply to the Weslodge Saloon was an exception: first of all, because of a very short deadline, almost impossible to meet.  Indeed, it involved manufacturing, transporting and installing La Cucina in no more than 6 weeks, a period which usually covers just transportation by sea. And not only that, but Berto’s kitchen had to be directly delivered to the 68th level of the Marquis Hotel, an endless skyscraper which scrapes Dubai’s sky: a delivery among the clouds at 300 m high. 
The riddle of this supply was solved by our task force of designers, engineers and managers by implementing a strategy that, like a well-designed plot in an action movie, worked perfectly: La Cucina was designed precisely for the Weslodge Saloon in order to be split (to meet the measurements required for plane transport) and then reassembled at the location. Then, instead of sailing over the seas, it flew over our heads up to Dubai, where, after being transported up to 300 m high, it was eventually installed in its place. Designing, manufacturing, splitting, transportation, delivery at the 68th floor, assembly and commissioning: all this in 6 weeks, a record of speed to even make Jamaican world-champion Usain Bolt jealous.
Now, the chef of the exclusive Weslodge Saloon can use his personally selected Berto’s kitchen to finally prepare his dishes inspired by the adventurous discovery of Canada, Ontario Saloons and North-American cuisine and he can pleasantly move himself along the 10 Berto’s induction tops which have come down to him from the sky (we say this jokingly, but it literally happened this way).


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