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Milano Golosa and Roma Golosa

From the culinary clichés to eating according to one’s personal tastes.
In this final glimpse of 2017, two similar events were on stage in Italy and they both deserve being remembered for their formula and originality. They are two taste festivals called Milano Golosa (from 14th to 16th October) and Roma Golosa (from 2nd to 4th December). Both of them were born from the imagination of Davide Paolini, an intuitive and influencing journalist who likes to wander in the lands of food, gourmets, flavors and research in order to share the knowledge and experiences acquired. Paolini, co-founder of the F1 Benetton team in 1986 and the marketing and communication manager for the textile group based in Treviso, discovered his passion in life, i.e. food, in the mid-nineties. At that moment, he coined the term “Gastronauta” (i.e. Gastronaut” intending a person who chooses his food “independently” and avoids culinary clichés). He started to share his discoveries by writing articles in important newspapers and taking part in successful radio and TV programs. Paolini’s mission involves researching quality without compromises, valorizing the most genuine flavors, promoting the cultural importance of the table and valorizing the craftsmen who make Italian gastronomic wonders. Paolini neglects trends and prefers to meet the producers, restaurateurs, wine makers, chefs, and operators personally and then he shares his discoveries in those events he organizes such as the Milano Golosa and Roma Golosa. The goal of the two events is to let gourmands and the general public know the best ones because he thinks that food is a cultural subject as well as art; consequently, in Rome and Milan, he wanted to introduce the “food artists” that he has discovered as an Argonaut of flavor (this is the meaning of the new word “gastronaut”) such as the best restaurateurs in quality, tradition, connection with the territory and delicatessen producers. Berto’s was chosen as the technical sponsor in both Milano Golosa and Roma Golosa; our participation to these two festivals was organized by Commercial Manager Marco Lebiu in collaboration with the distributor, De Santis Forni: they both took care of the arrangement of our kitchens ready to be used by the chefs in the show. In the 6th edition of Milano Golosa at the Palazzo del Ghiaccio, Paolini wanted to draw attention to ingredients, local dishes, the best Italian restaurants and wines while, at the first year of Roma Golosa in the Guido Reni District, spotlights were on producers, focused on juggling among salami, cheeses, sauces, sweets, pizza, bread, panettone, cocktails, wine and beer.


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