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One of Berto’s largest aircraft carriers lands in the Kingdom of Bahrein

Let’s get straight to the numbers: five meters twenty long, one meter eighty-five wide.
These are the measurements of one of the most impressive Berto's cookers ever made, a real aircraft carrier that, as the Berto's Area Manager Stefano Casanova tells us, is crossing the Suez Canal and will soon arrive in Bahrain to be installed in the Capital of the Kingdom, Manama, to equip the kitchen of the 5 star Juffair Double Tree Hotel.
Built between the avenues Zubarah and Al Ma'Arif in the urban district of Juffair, it is in fact a highly exclusive Hilton Worldwide hotel, and with 350 rooms it needed a professional kitchen of exceptional size able to simultaneously allow several chefs and attendants to work together. A problem brilliantly solved by our designers and engineers, who in close contact with the customer have tailor-made an outsize La Cucina that, although impressive, maintains the elegance and class of its standard size sisters. With this new collaboration Berto's increases the list of 5-star hotels and dream resorts equipped in the geographical area of the Arabian Peninsula to arrive in Dubai and the naturalistic paradises of the Indian Ocean. The characteristics of this nation are worth mentioning, which tourists love to visit during the mild period from November to mid-March. With its nearly 200 hotels and nearly 1,000 restaurants, the small Kingdom of Bahrain is in fact one of the Gulf Cooperation Council's pearls, which also includes Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar. Inhabited by a million and a half people, this archipelago of 33 small islands scattered in the Persian Gulf is famous in the world especially for the Volvo Golf Champions tournament and the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which is has been held in Manama since 2004 and is often the inaugural race of the F1 season, but not everyone knows that Bahrain is also an ancient territory, already a cradle 4,000 years ago of noble civilizations and trade between Mesopotamia and India. It is no coincidence that both the famous archaeological site of Qal'at al-Bahrain and the millenary tradition of pearl harvesting practiced in the Gulf by the Bahrenites have for some years been on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Bahrain today owes its wealth to oil, and just in these days the largest oil and gas field in the country has been discovered off the west coast, a deposit that is estimated to be many times larger than the entire deposit today, which already produces 50,000 barrels of oil and 28 million cubic meters of gas per day. A wealth that the entrepreneurs of Bahrain are increasingly reinvesting in tourism, equipping their beautiful islands with prestigious hotels such as the Juffair Double Tree and exclusive resorts overlooking the warm Gulf sea.


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