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SIGEP, 37th edition: Berto’s presents its latest innovations in Rimini

Those who think that Rimini and the Adriatic Coast are just about hot Italian summer days, beach umbrellas, seasonal entertainment and nightlife, couldn’t be further from the truth.
 In fact, during the misty and captivating winters that are characteristic of this area, much loved by Federico Fellini, the air is buzzing with activity and preparations for various events: for example, the thirty-seventh edition of SIGEP, "the most important event in the world for the artisan ice cream and confectionery industry and a primary European showcase for the coffee & bakery sector”, which will take place in Rimini from January 23rd - 27th, 2016. This definition of SIGEP, given by the organisers, has been confirmed by the number of visitors registered in the past, which rather than reflecting a deserted winter resort, are just as high as in a summer described by Albert Camus: in 2015 alone, there were over 187,000 visitors (including 38,000 foreigners from 61 countries), 110,000 square metres of exhibition space, and 16 pavilions. All of which is organised with the legendary precision and hospitality of the Romagna region, based on the cultural tradition of an area that is known for its good living, good food and industrious and good-humoured way of doing things in the name of progress. Analysing SIGEP’s figures, it is impossible not to note a few extremely interesting facts, for example that 13% of the visitors were from non-European countries, together with a further 13% generated by visitors from Asia, both explicit indicators of development, openness and internationalism.
Berto's will be among the stands set up in January in Rimini, where it will present its new industrial design project La Cucina, as well as its latest technological innovations, which include our new concept of doors and handles, our new burner and the new Bflex electronic controls, which we have mentioned in the article in this newsletter dedicated to HOST in Milan.
The Michelin-starred chef Nicola Dinato (former student of the great Ferran Adrià at the legendary El Bulli near the town of Roses and Alain Ducasse at Louis XV in Montecarlo, and now owner of the Feva restaurant in Castelfranco Veneto) will host a cooking show at our stand, together with Andrea Valentinetti, Chef at the D&G patisserie with extensive experience working alongside the Chefs Alajmo and Cracco. Dinato and Valentinetti will use a brand new La Cucina (the same as the one that was admired by everyone during HOST in October, and already a “prima donna”).
We look forward to seeing you in Hall B1 - Stand 191 at SIGEP, the international showcase from where will start out our 2016 with enthusiasm and renewed desire to create new things.


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