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The prestigious Four Seasons hotel chain chooses Berto's La Cucina for its Mahè resort in the Seychelles

The Canadian Four Seasons is perhaps the only hotel chain in the world that doesn’t need any presentations: 85 super-luxury hotels in the most exclusive resorts on the planet; AAA 5 Diamond ratings from the most important guides in the industry; particular attention to inserting buildings harmoniously into an area’s cultural landscape, to ensure a once-in-a lifetime holiday experience of exceptional quality. The hotels and resorts opened in Athens, New York, Tunis, London, Moscow, Lisbon, to name but a few locations in the world, are exceptionally noteworthy and elegant architectural or historical gems. To give just one example, the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence is housed in the magnificent Palazzo della Gherardesca, a frescoed jewel with a 15th century villa and garden, in the heart of Florence: it’s like staying in a museum full of statues and paintings, perfectly furnished to offer guests hospitality and relaxation; a temple of beauty and five-star comfort. But the Four Seasons doesn’t just choose locations surrounded by the wonders of art and culture; many of its hotels and resorts are nestled in nature on the jewels of the Caribbean Sea, in the Bahamas, Palm Beach or the Serengeti. The luxury Mahè resort is in one of the unspoiled earthly paradises which amazed French explorers in the 18th century, when the Seychelles archipelago was discovered in one of the most beautiful seas in the world: the Indian Ocean. For the Four Seasons to offer guests the utmost hospitality and provide the Mahè dream resort with the highest quality equipment, it required high tech kitchens with the possibility of extreme customisation. Berto's new division of made-to-measure industrial kitchens, launched last year and a great success with our customers, was the perfect solution. The challenge was that they wanted to offer a combination of international, European, Asian and Chinese cuisine, and this is why the La Cucina at the Mahè resort is equipped with electronic devices and technologies for induction cooking, equipment suitable for the preparation of typical Cantonese dim sum dishes, and countertop grills designed specifically to make Japanese specialities cooked with the robatayaki cooking method. A cocktail of refined and very different culinary techniques in a single model; a prototype of a flexible and functional "fusion" kitchen. The slogan for Berto's La Cucina brand states that uniqueness is a true privilege, and the Four Seasons’ decision to entrust La Cucina with the satisfaction their exclusive guests, is the natural outcome of an encounter between two philosophies and two unique companies, which recognised and chose each other.


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