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Vinoè puts Italian wines par excellence on the stage at Leopolda Station in Florence

In Italy, there are places that create spells with their innate energy: they capture the meaning of history and continuity, of roots and the intense fragrance of beauty and proportion. Ideal places to stop and sow the seeds of coexistence, encounters, reflection, and even those of the most refined intellectual and sensual pleasures. Places like Leopolda Station, a magnificent example of recovered industrial archaeology, considered by many to be the most beautiful conference venue in Italy today. Built in Florence in 1837, and dedicated to Grand Duke Leopold II of Tuscany, the station was destined to be the terminus of the railway line that connected the city with Livorno. However, the architect Enrico Presenti had designed such a beautiful neoclassical building, that its original purpose was soon disregarded and it became a venue for events and exhibitions, starting with the first Italian National Exhibition in 1861. During World War I and World War II, it was used to store gunpowder and as an arms factory (a similar fate to that of the Parthenon in Athens in the 17th century). Restored, recovered and returned to the community in 1993, it was chosen by the Federation of Italian Sommeliers Hoteliers and Restaurateurs and the Municipality of Florence to host the second edition of Vinoè, an event dedicated to Italian wines par excellence and international cuisine, during which the title of Best Sommelier of the Year is awarded. As excellent wine cannot be served without food that rises to the occasion, on November 5th and 6th, thanks to Berto's technical sponsorship, the 8000 participants and guests at Vinoè were able to enjoy the exquisite wines and spirits produced by the 120 best Italian wineries, paired with tastings of dishes prepared by chefs on a futuristic, all-steel station from the S700 line, with an induction cooktop, a fry-top and a bain marie, mounted on wheels and fitted with two automatic extractor hoods. The two days of events at Vinoè were celebrated in an exclusive and unique atmosphere created in honour of service, of the most refined and elegant hospitality and of discrete and warm lighting. All enhanced by the incredible surroundings of Leopolda Station, so much so, that the Commercial Director Marco Lebiu (who oversaw Berto's participation in the event together with food bloggers and FISAR sommelier Sabrina Somigli) was moved to say this to us: "To experience Florence with all 5 senses, a tourist should visit the city during Vinoè, because wine is culture, just as food is. It is an inseparable binomial and Florence, more than any other city, with its unique approach and atmosphere, offers you the opportunity to soak up the millenary history of this perfect marriage".


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