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“Welcome”: Berto’s opens its doors and invites you inside the Company through Google Business View

"Let customers see inside"
"Let customers see inside", which we can interpret as "open the doors of your company to customers, suppliers and visitors", is the motto of the new Business View service that Google is launching together with some of the most important companies in the world and Italy. The service extends the well-known features of Google Maps and Google Street View to the business world and involves setting up a virtual tour through the heart of your business (showrooms and offices, as well supply chains, production units, warehouses) on the internet. With Business View you can welcome visitors by offering them an impactive 360° virtual tour of your company, using high-definition photographic technology. Berto's was one of the very first companies in Italy to join the project, immediately understanding the potential and embracing the message: come and visit us, we will show you who we are and how we work every day.
While writing this article, we actually spent much time navigating in Business View, and it is impressive to see how the soul and identity of a company immediately come to life in the digital tour. High quality photos rotated to 360 degrees with the mouse, offering a view that would be exactly the same if we took the tour in person rather than virtually. An enjoyable and extremely interesting experience, which we invite you to try out by using the “contacts” section on the www.bertos.com homepage (Direct link https://goo.gl/maps/NMNcl). 
However, in addition to being able to show people our company, there is also another reason why many years ago Berto’s chose to adhere to Business View: our decision to be a Digital Company, that is a company with fully digitised processes, based on complete and technologically advanced platforms that are practical, manageable, efficient, transparent, fast and easily updatable. From personnel management and in all the production stages, through to distribution, relations with suppliers and vendors, administrative data and customer management.
From today onwards, anyone who would like to come and get to know us better but are too far away to do so, can easily come and meet us when they want, without leaving the comfort of their own home: they will be another welcomed guest on Berto's Google Business View.


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