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What is the common thread between the strength of freedom and travel? Find out at Identità Golose 2017, “The International Chef Congress”

Conceived and organised by Paolo Marchi and Claudio Ceroni, Identità Golose is the International Congress of Haute Cuisine which for the past 13 years has seen big names like Ferran Adrià, Alain Ducasse, Jean-Luc Fau, Wylie Dufresne, Massimo Bottura, Enrique Dacosta, to name just a few of the protagonists of past editions. But what is the concept behind The Strength of Freedom – The Journey, the theme of 2017 Edition? Paolo Marchi explains it to us, summarising the articulated concepts in just a few words: "Freedom is going beyond the most obvious imperatives that are linked to consumption. Without stratagems or prejudices, it is the desire to understand, by looking at the whole picture, the values of knowledge and exchange, values that since the distant past have been created through travel: Columbus, Vespucci, Cortes and the Americas, salt and coffee, the roads leading towards Asia, the salt and spice routes ... Everything travels and always has done. People travel, products travels, seeds and pollen travel, carried on the wind and waves, although today they are also carried by unaware tourists. Ideas travel: also here at Identità Golose". 
So, through a myriad of events, between conferences, forums, interviews, debates, cooking shows and special events, Identità Golose 2017, in Milan from March 4th to 6th, will address this theme by hosting some of the most famous names of the international food scene: Davide Scabin, Enrico Crippa, Massimiliano Alajmo, Carlo Cracco, Heinz Beck, Massimo Bottura, Cristina Bowerman, Iginio Massari, Davide Oldani, Giancarlo Perbellini, Niko Romito and many others. Berto's was selected to provide all the cooking facilities that will be needed for the Congress. All of the chefs participating in this fascinating journey – to stay in line with the theme of the event - will have the top products of our range to use as their vessels: the LX900 Top, S900 and S700 professional kitchens, and in particular La Cucina, the long-awaited made-to-measure monoblock kitchen, with a new design, which will make its debut in Milan. During the Milan event, Berto's will have a large stand to welcome its guests and organise three days of Show Cooking, with Michelin Star chefs Paolo Cappuccio, expert in international and Mediterranean cuisine and with experiences in numerous Italian and French restaurants, Nicola Dinato, owner of the Feva restaurant in Castelfranco, and the eclectic chef-star Alessandro Borghese.


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