Berto's at Sigep 2023

The new combi ovens are the protagonists at the Art of Confectionery

Berto's at Sigep 2023

Berto’s at Sigep 2023
The new combi ovens are the protagonists at the Art of Confectionery


The best bakery products come to life in the best ovens. That's why we have chosen to officially present our new line of combi ovens at Sigep, the great exhibition which, from 21 to 25 January, will turn the spotlight on the international renowned products of the Art of Confectionery (i.e. ice cream, pastry, chocolate, coffee and bakery products). 
In these cooking tools of the latest generation, we put to good use fifty years of experience alongside catering professionals; these ovens are designed to guarantee a high performance, compliance with safety regulations, energy savings, the maximum versatility, and an ease of use and cleaning thanks to advanced technology, but they don’t renounce the ergonomic and elegant lines that are the distinctive design feature of all products made by Berto's.
Our research and development department has worked hard to develop the optimal synergy between convection and steam. A high-powered fan activates the air motion inside the cooking chamber; in this way, the thermal energy spreads with greater power, effectiveness and homogeneity and provides for greater penetration into the food. By combining the heat of convection with the steam heat, it is possible for the chef to carry out various cooking methods such as grilling, browning, roasting, steam cooking and regeneration and holding cycles.










Berto's combi ovens are made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel; they are available in the electric version, with 6 or 10 trays in the gastronomy version, with 5 or 8 trays in the pastry version, and with a touch screen up to 7” for flawless and intuitive control.
As far as steam delivery is concerned, the Berto's range includes both direct steam injection models and models with a boiler. In the former, the injectors of an automatic vaporizer spray water particles directly into the cooking chamber. The latter, on the other hand, also takes advantage of the steam generated by a high-performance boiler.


At the Sigep exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to see the various types of combi ovens that will be used by the chefs in live Show Cooking sessions so that they will be able to evaluate their characteristics, performances and, above all, results by tasting freshly baked delights.
We look forward to seeing you in Rimini at the Berto's stand.