Berto's at Identità Golose 2024

Ten years as stars celebrated in the Lounge among the best ones

Berto's at Identità Golose 2024

Ten years as stars celebrated in the Lounge among the best ones

The 2024 edition of Identità Golose (9-10-11 March, Allianz MiCo, Milan) will mark an important anniversary for Berto's. Indeed, just ten years ago, for the first time, we were filled with pride and enthusiasm as we brought the technology and design of our catering solutions to this prestigious Congress, a special venue in the world of haute cuisine.

We will celebrate this very significant tenth anniversary by setting up a refined and welcoming Lounge, where it will be possible to see the best of Made in Berto's solutions at work and taste excellent products prepared by equally excellent chefs.


As always, we will do our best to play our role as the Main Sponsor of the symposium where some of the most qualified exponents of international catering will deal with the topic "There is no innovation without disobedience: the revolution today". Disobeying means having the courage to go against the grain. In a society often focused on appearance and instantaneity, we at Berto's keep substance and planning at the center of our philosophy: instead of chasing the ephemeral trends of the moment, we study, develop and scrupulously create solutions that are able to represent new high-performing and long-lasting standards.

This year too, all the Cooking Shows hosted in the various rooms of Identità Golose will be supported by our kitchens, our refrigeration solutions and our combined ovens, all put at the service of the numerous starred chefs from all over the world who will participate in Identità Golose 2024.









The elegant Berto's Lounge will not be outdone: we will set up a selection of our top-of-the-range lines in the various production segments: a LaCucina® monoblock with four-zone electric solid top and multifunction bratt pan; a combination of Cold Solutions’ products (e.g. refrigerated table, freezer cabinet and the new multifunction blast chiller equipped with steam generator); and the latest generation combi oven with display and touch controls.

During the three days of the conference, our corporate chef, Andrea Valentinetti, will prepare and serve fragrant pastries and biscuits, thus offering a sample of the extraordinary qualitative results that can be achieved by fully taking advantage of the Combi Ovens’ potential. Thanks to the collaboration with Riso Buono and Terra Moretti (Contadi Castaldi label), the technology and ergonomic design of the LaCucina® monoblock will support three renowned chefs, Andrea Alfieri (Da Noi In restaurant, Magna Pars L'Hotel À Parfum, Milan), Caterina Ceraudo (Dattilo restaurant, Azienda Agricola Ceraudo, Crotone) and Federico Beretta (Feel Como Restaurant, Como) in the preparation of exquisite risottos, accompanied by fine wine.

In a world that, in many ways, is becoming more and more virtual, we are convinced that bringing a concrete multisensory experience back to the center represents a small but important revolution. A Show Reel or a catalog viewed on a tablet are certainly useful, but the true quality of a cooking or refrigeration solution can only be appreciated by actually seeing it in operation in an operational kitchen.