Berto’s at Identità Golose 2021

We support the Restaurant and Food Service industry in building a New Future

Berto’s at Identità Golose 2021

Berto’s at Identità Golose 2021
We support the Restaurant and Food Service industry in building a New Future



Now, where were we? The pandemic forced us to take a long break from attending major events, among lots of other things. It is a very complex period for the entire Restaurant and Food Service industry, which has forced all of us to face an unprecedented and unexpected reality, both in terms of the present and what the future holds. This is why opening back up with this year’s Identità Golose symposium will be even more important, which is summarised perfectly by the theme chosen by the event’s creator and organiser, Paolo Marchi: “Building

a New Future: Work”. As always, Berto’s is ready to make a concrete contribution. We are not afraid of challenges; on the contrary, they are incentives to continuously innovate and improve. Therefore, we will be in the front row at Milano Congressi, from September 25th to 27th, determined to offer our partners and customers advanced technological cooking solutions to allow restaurateurs and chefs to produce the very best results, during this period that is crucial to relaunching the



industry. This is why we have unhesitatingly confirmed our role as the Conference’s Main Sponsor, as well as the technical suppliers: we will provide all the kitchens used by the chefs involved in the three days of Identità Golose, both on the main stage and in the other rooms set up for speeches and show-cooking sessions.
It’s going to be an intense sharing experience, one that will allow us to better interpret the needs of our professional customers by continuing our research and





development to produce new products, placing energy efficiency, ergonomics and ease of use, maximum flexibility and customisation among our primary objectives.





These elements can be tried and tested in person at our large stand at Identità Golose, which will be in the main square, where we will be offering the sensory experience of an atelier exhibition: our guests will be able to interact with the various customisable elements that are part of our tailor-made LaCucina line, as well as compare materials, colours, finishes and equipment, all of which will be displayed side by side.
Because Working in the Future will require competence, awareness, discussions and foresight. So, let’s build it together.