The Gravetye Manor

Story of an English wedding

The Gravetye Manor

The Gravetye Manor
Story of an English wedding



In the heart of the green countryside that stretches from London to the coast in Brighton, there is a manor which seems to come from the pages of Walter Scott, the author of the famous historical novel Ivanhoe. West Hoathly's Gravetye Manor embellishes western Sussex with its ancient walls and tall chimneys that grow like ivy and climbing plants trying to scale the ancient vertical

walls. A dream residence whose beauty is very difficult to describe, so all that remains is to admire the photos alongside which are more eloquent than a thousand words. It is inevitable that this 16th century Elizabethan pearl, once owned by William Robinson - the famous inventor of the English natural garden - was destined to


one day become (to be precise, in 1958) a temple of hospitality, good cuisine and welcome. That's why today the Gravetye hosts a luxury hotel with its 17 rooms furnished with refined fabrics, canopy beds and antique furniture, welcomes visitors looking for quiet and relaxation, long walks through parks, paths, flowerbeds and wild gardens, English breakfasts and fine cuisine surrounded by ancient wainscoting and large windows that offer fascinating glimpses of the park. Upon returning from the walks, the guests of the Gravetye find the large central hall and the ancient fireplace always lit waiting for them, evidently taken care of with devotion by English vestals busy keeping the flame alive. Jeremy Hosking, owner since 2010, has promoted the villa in recent years, hinging on tradition and comfort, silence and landscapes, and today the Manor is one of the most sought after destinations of quality accommodation in southern England. Special attention has been devoted to cooking and catering, and for a long time the starred head chef George Blogg has sought solutions that give

his customers excellence, cultivating between one dish and the next the dream of experiencing (in a very blatant challenge to engineering and thermal physics) solutions that are apparently irreconcilable in a single professional kitchen. However, it was only when the Chef of the Manor met our Export Area Manager Stefano Casanova that his


dreams (and his personalized kitchen) became reality: today Berto’s La Cucina is housed in the emerald green of the English countryside with three ovens and a fry-top at the bottom and induction hobs at the top, an innovative solution from the construction point of view. Bringing together opposites in a single kitchen was for Berto's the

task of combining a happy marriage, and today George Blogg can delight his guests with menus whose only limit is creativity: glazed pork cheek and porcini mushrooms tarts, roasted celeriac, pear sorbets and wild watercress, raspberry soufflé with buttermilk ice cream and raspberry and mint coulis ...





The new professional kitchen installed at Gravetye Manor represents an important reference and another challenge won for Berto's, which is focusing a great deal on the English market thanks to the partner C&C of Chester, curator of the Gravetye project, and to the new collaboration with the consultant Radford Chancellor.