La Cucina



The restaurant is situated inside the Hotel Residence, a splendid noble building from the XVIII century which is just a short distance from the famous Amalfi Cathedral. 
Chef Alessandro Tormolino’s gourmet cuisine is original but has a solid foundation in Italian traditional cuisine and the traditional dishes of the Campania region. Cooking techniques are essential and allow us to reach the full potential of the local ingredients used in our dishes.

La Cucina® monoblock with continuous worktop, made from AISI 304 stainless steel, 30/10 thick countertops, single panel.
Composition: 4 induction cookers, 2 pasta cookers, electric radiant hotplate, 2 mixer supports, 2 multifunction columns with swivel tap and Schüko socket for panel. 

Monoblock measurements: 3200 x 1250 mm