La Cucina



West Hoathly's Gravetye Manor embellishes western Sussex with its ancient walls and tall chimneys that grow like ivy and climbing plants trying to scale the ancient vertical walls. A dream residence whose beauty is very difficult to describe, so all that remains is to admire the photos alongside which are more eloquent than a thousand words.


Special attention has been devoted to cooking and catering, and for a long time the starred head chef George Blogg has sought solutions that give his customers excellence, cultivating between one dish and the next the dream of experiencing (in a very blatant challenge to engineering and thermal physics) solutions that are apparently irreconcilable in a single professional kitchen.


Today Berto’s La Cucina is housed in the emerald green of the English countryside with three ovens and a fry-top at the bottom and induction hobs at the top, an innovative solution from the construction point of view. Bringing together opposites in a single kitchen was for Berto's the task of combining a happy marriage, and today George Blogg can delight his guests with menus whose only limit is creativity: glazed pork cheek and porcini mushrooms tarts, roasted celeriac, pear sorbets and wild watercress, raspberry soufflé with buttermilk ice cream and raspberry and mint coulis ...