Amazon Inc. entrusts Berto’s company industrial kitchens

of logistics hub in Stettino

Amazon Inc. entrusts Berto’s company industrial kitchens

Amazon Inc. entrusts Berto’s company industrial kitchens
of logistics hub in Stettino


Amazon is the largest Internet company in the world: born in 1994 from Jeff Bezos’ intuition, it is based in Seattle in the United States. Nowadays, it is the main crossroads of international e-commerce and it widespread in every country. The company is organized with web portals and logistics centers and it has recently opened a large fulfillment center in Pomerania (Stettino), an industrial district that is only one hundred kilometers from Berlin and has always connected the large commercial flows of central Europe with Poland and

Eastern markets. Amazon center was inaugurated on October 27, 2017, and it is dedicated to the publishing industry, electronics and consumables. It fits the new Amazon Robotics technology, the automated distribution able to handle tons of products in a short time with almost no mistakes. Amazon has always been interested in the evolution of scientific research and has started a partnership with Polish universities to involve researchers and engineers in the management and


future development of their center in Stettino. Thanks to the collaboration with Evaco, our new distributor from Krakow, and our contact person Andrzej Ścibich, Amazon has chosen to equip their new center with the quality and reliability of kitchens by Berto’s.
This new center will have 1000 full time employees, including skilled workers and executives in an area of 67,000 sq. The Area Manager, Luca Bertogno, has been to Pomerania several times with the Berto’s technicians and

engineers to follow the project along all its phases.
Our technicians worked in close contact with the distributor to ensure that the customer would have been delivered a painstaking job both in the installation, functionality and safety. The industrial kitchens by Berto’s that were selected for this arrangement belong to the Maxima900 range as they can successfully meet all the needs of the Amazon center. This order confirms that Berto’s is a leading manufacturer in the international


market of kitchens designed for great chefs and the most prestigious venues as well as an important partner in arranging spaces for large companies, large distributors, communities and industrial plants.