Armenia has also become... our home!

Berto’s first project in the Caucasus has been a huge success

Armenia has also become... our home!

Armenia has also become... our home!
Berto’s first project in the Caucasus has been a huge success



We never forget our first-time experiences. And at Berto’s we definitely won’t ever forget the first kitchen we designed and sold to a restaurant in Armenia: “Casa Nostra”, which is in the heart of the capital Yerevan.
As can be deduced from the Italian name, the owners’ wanted to create a sophisticated cradle of Italian flavour, three thousand kilometres from Rome: in fact, all the raw materials used in the kitchen come directly from Italy, with one notable exception: the pasta is made locally using Armenian durum wheat.

The waiting staff also add a nice Mediterranean touch to the place, wearing a flat cap and entertaining guests with Italian music and dances between courses.
However, by no means does this restaurant just want to follow the “simple” model of serving the famous classic dishes of traditional and regional Italian cuisine: here the level is decidedly higher. The research into the re-elaboration of dishes and experimentation is completely worthy of a restaurant that aims - justifiably so - to obtain


the recognition of a Michelin star over the next few years.
Such an ambitious and stylish establishment obviously needs a high-end kitchen: they chose the customised LaCucina monoblock with chromatic gold finishes, which expresses the Middle Eastern flair of this country. The project, overseen by our area manager Davide Bedana in collaboration with our new partner Complex Bar - TST, also presented a rather daring design challenge: the monoblock was made from four originally separate parts, which once assembled made it possible to position the

LaCucina right in the middle of the restaurant to create an open kitchen, fitting perfectly around a large pre-existing column.
Berto’s rose to the occasion and the owners of “Casa Nostra” are reaping the benefits because - despite the high price range - the restaurant is always fully booked. So, after toasting our first success in Armenia with a good glass of Ararat, a fine local whisky that takes its name from the imposing mountain range that forms the backdrop to the Yerevan landscape, we will prepare for new projects to realise in a country where the potential of the high-end restaurant and food service industry has a yet to be discovered.