The new multifunction blast chillers

The Cold Solutions line is increasingly complete

The new multifunction blast chillers

The Cold Solutions line is increasingly complete



In the contemporary kitchen, the blast chiller has become an indispensable tool: a device that allows you to very quickly lower the temperature at the core of the ingredients or freshly cooked foods, thus preserving their integrity and organoleptic characteristics so that they can be stored in the refrigerator or in the freezer.

In the latest months, Berto's has developed its Cold Solutions line and has added two new models of blast chillers capable of offering much more than what one might expect from a traditional blast chiller.

These advanced models were previewed at Sigep (Rimini) and Intergastra (Stuttgart), where they immediately aroused the interest and appreciation of professionals.


Also, in the Berto's Lounge at Identità Golose, it will be possible to evaluate the distinctive characteristics of these blast chillers, which have one of their strong points in multifunctionality. The operating options range, in fact, from blast chilling to sanitization as well as freezing, thawing, defrosting, leavening, drying, ice-cream hardening and even slow cooking at a low temperature. The operating cycles are between – 40 and + 80 °C, thus ensuring ideal temperatures and ventilation for each of the different functions.

The electronic control unit is able to memorize HACCP alarms and store a recipe book that can accommodate up to 100 personal recipes with a maximum of 4 consecutive programmable functions; furthermore, there are 6 blast chilling modes with preset values.

One might fear that such advanced technology would be a little complicated to use. On the contrary, the new blast chillers have been equipped with a very intuitive interface: a touch screen that easily guides the user in choosing the desired functionality, simply with a few touches of a finger.

As always, Berto's has paid great attention to the reliability, durability and energy efficiency of the machines: even the blast chillers are solutions designed for those who want to get a quality product, which ensures high performance over time and fully repays the investment.

The Padua-based company thus demonstrates that it is a complete partner for a chef looking for professional solutions for high-level cooking and refrigeration.