Bflex, Berto’s new patented multi-control system

State-of-the-art technology, precision, simplicity, resilience

Bflex, Berto’s new patented multi-control system:
State-of-the-art technology, precision, simplicity, resilience

Every single industry benefits from the undeniable advantages that technology offers, and engineers are constantly studying instruments to further improve functions and simplify use. The world of commercial kitchens is no exception and for certain aspects it almost seems as if digital technology - apparent enemy of humidity and drops of liquid - was invented to improve the life of more demanding chefs. After years of research and development, Berto's has recently patented the Bflex system, which is being met with considerable success among its customers. The Bflex system is characterised by its simplicity: it is a multi-control electronic system that permits full control of the settings via a stylish display and a minimalist yet extremely elegant multi-function knob. Designed and developed in Tribano, this electronic management system has been perfected with the close collaboration of chefs and offers a brilliant solution to complex problems that they are all too aware of: sudden changes in temperature, high operating temperatures, extreme and fast-paced environments, the presence of liquids and invasive substances, occasional bumps and knocks, cleanability. The control software used to operate the Bflex system is sophisticated yet intuitive, and extremely easy to set up. The system manages the main operating parameters, operating temperatures and power settings of Berto's kitchens, and can be installed on most of our commercial kitchens. The multi-control is customisable depending on the different functions of the various models and the design is aesthetically outstanding: the 20-mm display is set in serigraphed tempered glass with a mirror finish and has large characters that are easy to read from any angle; it is hermetically sealed to the kitchen’s stainless steel panel, guaranteeing hygiene, cleanliness and a high level of protection for the internal parts against water, oil and other infiltrating agents (the product has an IPX5 rating, well above the water resistant standard required for this sector).





The device is operated by a large, ergonomically designed knob with a soft touch finish, making it easy and fast to set and control all of the operational settings, which can be constantly monitored thanks to the digital display. The system’s resilience is in no way jeopardised by its instantaneous responsiveness, because Bflex is equipped with a shock-absorbing device that protects it against the daily bumps and knocks that are inevitable in a busy kitchen. Today, Bflex is compatible with Berto's induction hobs, new electrical grills, pasta cookers, deep fryers and multi-function braziers. In each of these product families, the system’s functions are not limited to managing times and power settings; it also monitors the parameters which are fundamental for the correct use of the instrumentation, including timer alarms for cleaning the filter, the absence of receptacles on the cooking hob, a switch off timer in the event of overheating and the activation of safety thermostats.