When tradition meets flavour technology

The fruits of a Friuli tree tasted 132 years later

When tradition meets flavour technology

When tradition meets flavour technology
The fruits of a Friuli tree tasted 132 years later



Over 130 years ago, a group of friends loved to meet every day under the shady tree near Via Liguria in Godia, where Italy begins to climb gently towards the Giulia Prealpine area with the river Torre to guide them. Then in 1887 Umberto Scarello, former guard of the King of Italy, obtained military leave in the form of a license to manage a colonial and tobacco shop, a shop that immediately became the new meeting point for the group. This is how Agli Amici was born, the restaurant emblazoned with two Michelin Stars that today illuminates the province of Udine and the Friuli region as

a beacon of taste. A business by destiny and a vocation to family management, following a tradition that, starting from the great-great-grandfather Umberto, has lived through five generations until today. The Scarello family are serious, indefatigable and empathetic as only true-blooded Friuli people know how to be, and in the comfortable warmth of their cosy restaurant their dishes tell the history, culture and tradition of a people, narrating ancient and rediscovered recipes, looking for new roads in the crowded world of contemporary


gastronomy starting from solid bases and unshakable experiences. How unmissable their kitchen is, is a fact well known by the invited group of Berto's guests who gathered round the tables of the prestigious restaurant Agli Amici for an unforgettable tasting evening together with Emanuele and Michela, the Scarello family members who now run the restaurant. It all started when Marco Lebiu, Commercial Director of Berto's for Italy, together with the chief designer Igor Perazzolo started

working with the Godia restaurant to equip it with a tailor-made professional kitchen that fully enhances the identity of the place.
La Cucina designed for the Scarello family is the result of a successful combination of functionality and style, with the glowing blue finishes that in their shade remind us so much of the skies that Giambattista Tiepolo frescoed at the beginning of the 1700s on the ceilings of the royal residences of half of Europe. The Kitchen set up by Berto's in collaboration with the Scarello family is not only



beautiful to see, but also integrates large electric plates that can guarantee perfectly uniform cooking, a solution that fully satisfies the chef's need to precisely manage and mix the traditional ingredients at the base of his dishes. The electronics under the bonnet preside over the system functions and gently adapt to the needs of the Friuli tradition. Emanuele Scarello adds satisfied: "This new solution, this new kitchen born from the collaboration with Berto's allows me to greatly reduce the time not only of cleaning and managing my kitchen but


above all cooking times, and this opens up interesting and creative scenarios in the world of those who invent food and taste". As a company, we are delighted to have started this collaboration with a historic restaurant full of tradition in its beautiful setting (the architect Paolo Zuliani collaborated on the design), characterized by hospitality, friendliness, great human warmth and absolute professionalism. The dinner that was held at Agli Amici and who had as guests all the Berto's staff who participated and helped to make this La Cucina, was the best celebration of a happy meeting, a convivial born many years ago under the canopy of a tree in the heart of Friuli.