An all gas 2024 with the new combi ovens

The Double Range Combi Ovens

An all gas 2024 with the new combi ovens

The Double Range Combi Ovens

2023 was undoubtedly the year of the Combi Ovens. In the last twelve months, in fact, the line of combined ovens created by Berto's has obtained a notable response in terms of appreciation and sales, quickly becoming one of the flagship products of the Padua-based company which, for 50 years, has been developing increasingly advanced and high-performance technological products to serve professional catering.

In the wake of this success, 2024 has begun with the expansion of the range, as each combi oven combines the electric version with the new gas-powered version to meet the different market needs.

What are the characteristics of these ovens that have immediately won the hearts of chefs, pastry chefs and bakers? In a nutshell, we could say extreme versatility, extreme ease of use and superior efficiency, in addition to the ergonomic and elegant lines that are the distinctive feature of Berto's design.

From a technical point of view, these ovens are able to make the most of the synergy between convection and steam. The chef can now perform different types of cooking: from grilling to browning, from steaming to roasting as well as using the various regeneration and holding cycles.










Both direct steam injection models and models with a boiler are available. In the former, the injectors of an automatic vaporizer spray water particles directly into the cooking chamber. The models with a boiler, on the other hand, also take advantage of the steam generated by a boiler placed outside the cooking chamber, but inside the oven structure.

Each operation is managed via a very intuitive 7" Touch Display, through which the cooking, control and washing processes can be activated. Thanks to the Recipe Book functionality, for example, it is possible to save and select your own personal recipes or choose from the OEM ready recipes, developed in collaboration with the Corporate Chefs, for a total of 72 different preparations.

The maximum attention is also paid to energy saving to reduce operating costs and the use of resources: if the high quality of the insulation of the cooking chamber and the adoption of low-emissivity glass reduce heat dispersion to a minimum, the advanced internal washing system with rotating nozzle and pulsed rinse system ensure the best cleaning results by halving the quantity of water required.

This is why Combi Ovens are truly the ovens of every chef's dream that has finally become true.