Heading South-East

Three incredible new Berto’s projects between Molise and Puglia

Heading South-East

Heading South-East
Three incredible new Berto’s projects between Molise and Puglia



What do Matera, Manduria and Nardò all have in common?
Firstly, all three of these beautiful cities are in south-eastern Italy, in a small area between Basilicata and Puglia. Secondly, they all boast a rich history, incredible art and many centuries-old traditions, including that of food and wine.
Matera, the “City of Stones”, is a unique UNESCO World Heritage Site and was the European Capital of Culture in 2019. Manduria, founded thousands of years ago by the ancient Messapi people, is where Salento’s renowned red

wines are produced, the most well-known being Primitivo. Nardò, pearl of Salento’s Ionian coast, was the cradle of academic literary and philosophical studies and Baroque architecture for centuries. And for a few months now, these three cities have also had something else in common: three highly prestigious establishments, each with a Berto’s kitchen.
MH - Matera Hotel is an extremely elegant 4-star hotel in the “City of Stones”, and it was one of the protagonists in the television series “4 Hotel”, starring chef Bruno Barbieri.






Back in 2019, the Matera Hotel chose Berto’s to design the large kitchen in the restaurant dedicated to its meeting and conference area, and a few months ago we also started designing a second kitchen for the hotel. A new customised S900 block will be installed in the restaurant serving guests and à la carte customers, set against a large, pre-existing masonry wall. The kitchen will then be completed according to the requests made by the chef Vito Semeraro, who is also president of APCI Puglia and the hotel’s consultant.
Another customised S900 was made ad hoc for the Cantina Gianfranco Fino in Manduria, which decided to build a wing dedicated to high-quality tastings to complement the excellent quality of its wines, which in 2010 earned “Maestro” Fino the Gambero Rosso guide’s Winemaker of the Year award. His wife Simona chose some very elegant finishing touches, such as the scratch-resistant brush finish on the hob, done by hand in Berto’s laboratories. Maria Cicorella, former star chef at the restaurant Pashà in Conversano, will undoubtedly make the most of her new S900. The amazing relationship that has formed between the winery, Berto’s and our area manager Dario Iurlano, opens the way to new and very interesting future collaborations...
Masseria Corsano’s future also looks bright. This dream resort, set in a large park on the outskirts of Nardò and boasting its own heliport, was inaugurated this summer. The centre of this splendid kitchen is dominated by a brand new modular S900 block, in a delightful setting where the design solutions blend in perfectly with the ancient charm of this farm that is typical of the Salento countryside. The resort is suspended between land and sea, and is a place where you can lose yourself in spectacular views, total relaxation and unforgettable flavours.