Interview with Claudio Sadler

Passion wins between tradition and innovation

Interview with Claudio Sadler:
Passion wins between tradition and innovation


Considered a Master among the top members of Italian cuisine, Claudio Sadler is a chef who likes to enhance regional tradition and the diversity of cultures while not neglecting the scientific and technological innovations of the industry. Being attentive to the rules that govern the catering world, he is able to combine flexible entrepreneurial skills with communication and vision. Born in Milan, he was one of the founders of the Association Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe and a gastronomy consultant of large companies such as

Autogrill and McDonald’s. Both a teacher and a successful writer (more than ten books so far), he has opened restaurants in many parts of the world, such as Milan, Costa Smeralda [in Sardinia], Tiananmen Square and Tokyo. Since 2012, he has been the Chairman of the Le Soste, the historic Association of the best Italian restaurateurs, whose guide is a leading example in the industry. We met Claudio Sadler during his cooking show for Berto’s company in Host 2017 and we had the


pleasant opportunity to interview him:
Claudio, where is cuisine going today?
"It is a period of great renewal. Tradition is reinterpreted with modern skill; the classical dishes are requalified. The new chemical-biological and nutritional knowledge has turned the art of food preparation into an exact science. Téchne now gives unthinkable opportunities to the most open-minded and enlightened chefs; it’s like having a telescope and looking at the sky with new eyes. Honestly,

I am pleased to see the Renaissance of Italian cuisine in the world thanks to new interpreters who are able to communicate tradition and creativity that they carry out with their efficient language. I have to add that all national cuisines are refining their identities and that the comparison that arises from it is positive."
Host is a word derived from “hospitality”. What is the connection between this concept and the daily work of a chef?


"Cooking is an act of love regardless. We cook for our loved ones; we “nourish affections”. Therefore, if there is no human relationship, there can’t be good cooking, and chefs should be able to express honest feelings such as hospitality, welcome, passion for people and the care in which people feel welcomed and comfortable. The table, the living room and the road are the crossroads of mankind."
Here, at Berto’s stand, many professional kitchens are on display as well as the new La Cucina series. When you watch them, what do you think?
"I feel like caressing them; even an F1 pilot likes touching his cars lovingly. Working in a comfortable and safe environment is essential and beauty is the final bond that connects the construction qualities. These are innovative and versatile kitchens which you can trust completely. I am thrilled that La Cucina can be customized by the chef from the very first phases of ideation and design: that is terrific."
A young guy comes and asks you how one can become a great chef: what recipe do you give him?
"The basic ingredients are passion, patience and an unshakeable tenacity. Behind art, there is always very hard daily work, nothing beautiful has never been born without struggling. One has to believe in their work and wait for the right moment to do things without forcing natural human and professional growth as well as taking time to get prepared. If you think about it, even cooking needs time; otherwise, it is just consuming food."